Do you suffer from pain in the hips or knees? Is the pain so severe that you have trouble sleeping and common medicaments no longer work? If it is as a result of joint diseases, your physician will probably recommend replacing your damaged joint for an artificial one (endoprosthesis). Good physical therapy before and after the surgery helps achieve the ability to perform everyday tasks.

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Endoprotézy - popis diagnózy a liečba
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Characteristics of Endoprostheses and Indications for Implantation

Endoprosthesis means that an artificial joint or another prosthesis of damaged tissue is implanted.  Most common materials are metal and plastic (joint replacements, splints, screws, stents, etc.).

All the metals used are made of special alloy and non-magnetic material. Its implantation and fixation into tissue prevents unwanted movement or sliding.

Total hip replacement is indicated in cases where conservative treatment fails.

It is a condition in which joint functionality is significantly damaged, or the joint is a source of severe pain.

The most common causes of surgery are:

  • arthrosis,
  • bone tumour,
  • fractures,
  • reimplantation,
  • and others.

Treatment after Implantation of Endoprosthesis – Rid yourself of Issues

Within a few days post-surgery, depending on the recommendations of the doctors, it is recommended to slowly increase use of the joint. With the use of crutches, first steps can be taken.

After being discharged from the hospital, the patient is transferred to rehabilitation treatment. Its goal is to achieve full functionality of the joint and make a return to performing everyday activities possible. Spa treatment is recommended.

  • Reimplantation– repeated implantation.
  • Endoprosthesis – prosthesis implanted into the human body (e.g. total endoprosthesis of the hip joint – TEP)
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